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E and I were talking on the way over from Vtown this morning, and we both want to know, "What the hell is everyones problem with Starbucks?"

Because it's a large corporation, do people think they have to hate on it? Maybe people think that's what they're supposed to do? Well, dammit, there are a lot of good things to say in it's defense:

1. They are among the Fortune 500 Best 100 Companies to Work For (yes, they ended it in a preposition). They send you to fun Barista School, for heaven's sake!

2. They purchase Fair Trade Certified coffee at premium prices to help coffee farmers and their families. Check out the Fair Trade Blend:

3. Philanthropists? I think so:

4. Simply put, it's delicious.

I'm all for supporting the Mom and Pops, but if you want my business, you'd better bring it with the tasty drinks. AE says she's never had a better blended drink than at our beloved Stardollar, and I agree with her whole-heartedly. Because for my money, it doesn't get any better than a tall mocha with fatty fat milk and whip. Not to mention the delicious, expensive cakes and baked goods (avoid pumpkin loaf which sometimes tastes faintly of crawfish...this may only be the College Dr. branch in Louisiana).

We used to be the kids who blew all their money at the locally owned coffee shop downtown, until they started with the HERSHEY'S. Puh-lease. Grocery store chocolate syrup (pronounced sear-up)  is for milk and ice cream, not the $4 espresso beverage. We need to chat.

So dammit, if I want to give my money to a big-name corporation, I will. Don't judge me. It's not like I shop at Wal-mart, where they don't even believe in Christmas.

Go hate on CC's...they completely suck at life. 

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