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Easy like Tuesday afternoon.

LJ nudging and FB poking, love it. 
Erryca, you asked for it, and here it is:

Big Updates:
-I moved in with my friend from high school Janaé and her fiancé Michael to a house in Jackson. We're in this neat little neighborhood close to downtown. There's a theater gild a block away, and all sorts of fun shops and restaurants. There's an eclectic mix of people, as we live next to Belhaven and Millsaps Colleges. It's nice to live with people my age again, I really enjoy the company. I'm so grateful not to have the hour-long commute every morning, and I can get home and go for a run before it gets dark now. Egg-cellent. The roommates have satellite tv and TiVo; I see Iron Chef and Project Runway in my future.
-The new job is at an Architectural firm about 3 miles from the new house. It's the same old work, but the people here are great. Much better than sitting alone for 8 hours a day with no actual work to do. And sometimes they feed me. I've won the heart of our oldest employee with my matchless wit and lightening-quick typing skillz. They told me today they want me to stay until I leave for law school (see bullet 4). Rock! for job stability.
-My little Jetta is just fantastic. After scraping off muchos bumper stickers and window decals (UNO, Sorority, '04 Pres. campaign & "New Orleans: Proud to call it home.") on Saturday I took it for a spin. And then another, and then another. I think we're going to get along just fine. I promise I won't crap you up like the previous. And to Sophie the Maxima, sorry I ran you into a mailbox, the back of an Explorer and a minivan, and sorry I backed you into the bumper of a truck while trying to pull off a daredevil parking attempt freshman year. And sorry I spilled pink hair dye in your console this summer and countless sticky drinks in your cup holders. Those cupholders would make anyone vomit.
-Updated list of law schools from whom I have positive replies: Ole Miss, Richmond, Colorado & Wake Forest. No negatives thus far, just impatiently waiting for them to holla back. It's a toss-up. 
-I visited awesome Colorado with the man-object (great) a few weekends ago. I got to ski for a day, meet some fun people, and "visit the law school" in Boulder. New experiences: prairie dogs (adorable, but carry the Plague), New Belgium beer (possible conversion to beer drinking? the jury is still out.), and women's hockey (actually pretty entertaining). This weekend I'm traveling to Memphis for more mischief, and I'm pretty pumped. 

In other mundane news:
-My new deodorant is absolutely delightful.
-Felicity Vol. 3 isn't what I thought it would be. I'll send it your way next, SJ.
-Life is too short for Healthy Choice dinners.
-One of the guys who works here looks like the Monopoly man. I'd like to purchase him a monocle. Also, he wears Cosby sweaters. COSBY!
-Cats are disgusting and useless, but amusing nonetheless.

Overall, things are pretty grand. There's much to be said for answered prayers. 

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