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Knoxville or Bust

I'll be making the trip to Knoxville after work today to visit UT Law. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, even the driving (for the most part). I've got my supply of Diet Dew & road snax, emo and power ballads. Picture this: the lone Vee Dub making it's way through the rolling Tennessee Hills, it's solo female driver waving a balled fist and belting Chicago. Like a knight in shining armor from a long time ago...
Tomorrow morning is the open house which consists of the usual panels and tours and finally an ice cream social with the Dean. Neat. At Georgia it was a beer social with the Dean. Different strokes.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be wandering about the campus and town trying to fit in and not get lost. 
Then the manpiece is joining me in the evening for the remainder of the trip. Rock!
If anyone has good ideas about what to get into in Knoxville, clue me in. So far plans include eating and looking at stuff.

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